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    What is a Word Counter?

    Word Counter is an online tool that counts words as you type. To check word count, just paste or start typing your text in the input box. This word counting tool will automatically detect increases or decreases in the words and characters as you type, edit, or delete the text.

    In addition to word count, this online tool also count characters, sentences, paragraphs, Reading Time, as well as analyzes the top keywords throughout your content.

    Who can use this Word Counting tool?

    This use of this counter is not specific, you can use it to count words in any type of document. Below are some of the use cases of this tool:

    Content Writer

    As a Content writer, you might need to overcome the word limit of an article that you wrote. However, in this case, A Word Counter is a tool that can ease your working. You can easily use this tool to count how many words are in your document!

    All you have to do is copy your written text and paste it into this word calculator. You can easily add more words or decrease your word count within this tool.

    SEO/Digital Marketing

    When it comes to SEO, there are different occasions where you need to have a word count. For example, when writing a blog post, usually writing more words than your competitors is beneficial.

    You can easily know your competitor’s word count as well as your content’s count through this word count checker.

    On the other side, you might need to consider words when writing social media posts.


    If your teacher has an instruction about the word count of an essay then use this Word Counting tool to find how many words are there in your essay or story.

    To easily count total words in your assignments, you should go for this Word Counter!

    Features of this Online Word Counter

    There are multiple features of this tool and some of them are mentioned below:

    • Character Count

    • Count Sentences

    • Total paragraphs in your text

    • Reading Time of your text

    • Top Keywords


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