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What is Summary Generator?

A summary generator or Text summarizer is an online tool that summarizes the text of an article, essay, or any other context.

According to, the definition of summarizer is:

One who, or that which, summarizes.

Summarizing Tool is helpful in quick summarizing and comparative to manual summarization, it is far better as it is based on AI-based technologies. Moreover, the tool helps to make a summary faster and accurate than manually understanding the context and then writing a summary of it.

Features of this Article Summarizer

This summarizer has a lot of features which makes it one of the best summary tools for students, teachers, and other professionals. Before, we have discussed some of the best features of this summary tool:

·        AI-Based Summarizing

The best part of this tool is the use of AI-based algorithms at the backend. The AI Robots of Editpad understand the core meaning of the text entered by the user and then extract the important points of the context.

Later, it collabs all the important points as result.

·        Key Points Extraction

We have made sure that the core and key features of your writing are automatically extracted via this Summarizing tool. Once you paste or enter the text, it will display the most important points which is an important element in the summary.

·        Summary via URL

Is it awkward reading a long book or a blog post online? Then use this summary generator. The URL extraction feature of this tool will let you paste the URL of the sourcebook/post and it will display the summary of that article

·        One-Click Copy

After you paste the content or import it using a URL extractor, The summarizer will take a second to display the result and by clicking the “Copy to Clipboard” button, you will easily copy the text.  

Why this summary tool is best?

Although there is a lot of text summarizers this tool is somehow different. The basic reason is the technology and algorithms behind this tool.

We have used AI-based Algorithms to convert your long text into a short text. Our tool will never miss any important/key point of your text and this makes it an accurate summary generator.

Being a student, you might have to write a summary of a whole book and this tool will let you solve your assignments within seconds.

For SEOs and Bloggers, if they are considering taking the summary of another blog post, this article summarizer will take the points which are important for ranking and users.

Who can use this summarizer?

·        Students

A summary is an important element in educational life and this Summary generator for books will let the students summarize the text in their book.

·        Professors

Professors usually need a summary need to create their notes and make their lecture ready. For this, a text summarizer is a handy tool that makes it possible within a single click.

·        Journalists

It is common for journalists to note down the key points of a statement by a spokesman. Using this Summary tool, they can easily extract the key points for headlines and publishing.

·        Article Writers

Content writers have to write an article on a researched basis and for this, it may not be easy to read long articles for research. If they add these wordy articles in this summarizing tool then they can easily understand without spending more time.

·        Editors

Editors must use a summarizer when they have to read a lot of content for multiple people. Whether you are an editor of a newspaper or a blog, opting for this tool will be beneficial for saving your time.

·        Readers

Sometimes, you might have to save time by not reading a long article. If you are in hurry or not in a mood to read all the text then summarize the text using this tool. This will let you understand the core meaning but by reading less content.

Uses of this Text Summarizer

Some basic uses of a Text Summarizer are mentioned below:

·        Word Condenser

Summarizing a long text into short without losing the actual meaning is quite a challenging task. Using an online Text Summarizer, the task of word condenser is easier and with more accuracy.

You can easily know the difference by using our online word counter.

·        Use as an Abstract Maker

Making an Abstract of a thesis may become tough for students as they have to cover the major topics of their research. However, this tool is helpful in this case too.

With the combination of an online text editor, this summarizer is best to make an abstract.


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