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Use this Diff Checker to compare two documents and find the difference between these text files. This Difference Checker automatically finds the similarity and difference between two texts and highlights them.

What is a Diff Checker?

Sometimes you need to compare two different documents to find out how much the content is similar or different. In this case, an online difference checker is helpful because it can automatically compare and highlight the differences.

Online Diff Checker is useful for many professionals, as it saves time when you compare two different documents, for example, tasks.

How To Compare Two Word Documents using Text Compare Tool?

To compare a text with this comparison tool, perform the following steps:

  1. Type or paste the first text in the first field
  2. Type or paste the second text in the second text field
  3. Click the “compare” button
  4. View the result in the single column view or the double column view

Note: The removed text between the two texts is highlighted in red color, while the added text is highlighted in green color.

Use cases for the Difference Checker tool

There are several reasons why you may need to perform a text comparison, and some of the use cases are listed below:

·        Detecting self-plagiarism

Teachers usually compare the assignments of two students using Diff Checker. This is done by entering both students’ assignments into the two input fields.

The self-plagiarized content is highlighted in red in this text comparison tool.

·        Finding plagiarism between two articles

Bloggers and content authors can find the difference between their content and the source content. Since this tool automatically compares the content within a few moments, it usually saves a lot of time.

·        Analyze content optimization

Usually, content optimizers need to determine the difference between their original text and the text after optimization. However, you can simply paste the original content into the first input of this online diff checker and the optimized content into the other. This way, the changes will be easily visible.



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